Polymath Journal was established in 1998, POLYMATH is a non-profit research organization that has been at the forefront of technological excellence. As a recognized publication based on interdisciplinary field leaders, we will strive to be the best in the fields of courage.

In the 21st century, by combining knowledge and information with computer and telecommunication, we will open the door to the future multimedia and telecommunication age.

In order to become the best in the field of research, the journal accepts original research and scholarly articles subjects to peer review.

Mapoly Vission:
A refference point in technological, scientific and enterpreunrer education, accessible to all, for sustainable national development.


Mapoly Mission:
To produce skilled technological and professional manpower for self reliance and community service by developing and deploying appropriate technologies and competences with adquate linkages and partnership.

The information revolution is constantly changing the way we live and making it possible to achieve higher standard of living. Our efforts are to create an atmosphere that stimulates creativity, research and development. 

Looking forward to the high-tech world, we will continue to make strong efforts to maintain leading position in the Technological development industry.